From consulting to implementation, Led Solution is the ideal partner

Consultancy - Study desk - Leasing - Calculation of profitability - Demonstration

The Led, a pledge of economy

We hear more and more talk about the led. Has the TV, on the radio, in the folders stores. Is this becoming a trend? More than that! It is a trend that will quickly become a standard in lighting. Mostly known for its energy-saving potential, the LED brings a real plus in terms of quality of lighting in the space where it will be installed.

Why adopt the LED in brief?

  • - 60 to 90% saving of electricity
  • - Durable and maintenance-free (up to 50,000 hrs lighting)
  • - Not ray, infra-red or ultra-violet (no degradation of product color)
  • - Safe (doesn't heat up, shock-resistant, does not contain hazardous materials, operates by direct current (dc)
  • - Ignition time immediate
  • - Ecological

A professional quality in Led Solution

Led Solution offers a very wide range of LED lighting. We work with more than 200,000 product references.
Fortunately, don't panic, we take care of ourselves to the selections of the products.
It is also a pledge of quality because we work exclusively with products that are only intended for the professional market.
It is therefore first and foremost a service before the product that Full Led Solution offers.

The commitment to quality of services of Led Solution :

  • - Board evaluations and assessments of your needs (audits)
  • - Study of the solution
  • - Selection of products professionals
  • - Demonstration of the situation
  • - Possibility of light-to-measure (R&D)
  • - Calculating your profitability
  • - Consultancy "SUBSIDY"
  • - Possibility of renting or leasing
  • - A long experience LED to your service