True lighting architects, LED Solution guides you in the creation of ambiance and the implementation of lighting solutions, putting more than 25 years of experience at the service of your project. Whether it's a sports hall, hotel, shop, industrial building or warehouse, our design office has been specialising in LED technology for over 10 years and is looking for the most suitable product solutions to meet your needs. With a factory warranty of up to 10 years on our products, we only work with professional and reliable lighting manufacturers in Europe, the United States and Asia.


For each type of project, we provide the ideal solution

Buildings & Real Estate Parks

Our lighting consultants study your project and provide you with solutions that meet your requirements, while respecting the norms and standards. Whether for the public sector or for a private company, we take our role at heart to provide your building with optimal lighting while reducing its energy consumption.

Offices & Shops

Our Light Designers are extremely competent to create bright atmospheres in your office, shop or open workspace. They use the materials that will best meet your needs to provide you with unique lighting that will highlight your products or provide optimal lighting for your employees. Contact us to find out more about our LED lighting leasing options.

Sports lighting

Whether it's a sports hall or an outdoor field of any kind you can call on us for the replacement of your lighting with state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with a tailor-made management system. We work with your federation standards. Enough to leave room for major competitions in the future...

Architectural lighting

Do you have an ambitious project for your building? Let us accompany you by supervising all the technical and, why not, the creative part in order to give your building the visibility it deserves. We take care of everything for you: from the idea/concept to the installation and programming.

Industrial lighting

Have you ever thought of optimizing the lighting of your industrial site? Warehouse or production site, each type has its specificities to make it efficient for your employees to use. Make the most out of the possibilities we have to offer you right now.

Do you have an ongoing project ?

LED Solution supports electricians, architects and project managers who wish to obtain a real photometric study of the space to be built or renovated. By collaborating with experienced manufacturers, we offer tailor-made luminaires for optimal lighting.


Aware that a top-of-the-range and optimal lighting installation can sometimes be expensive, we offer all our professional customers a renting or leasing formula for their LED lighting. If required, our team can carry out a profitability calculation for a new LED lighting installation.



The skills of our team do not stop there. We also specialize in Smart Lighting, a revolutionary technology that increases the energy efficiency of the light installation by varying the intensity according to the various parameters. Our lighting architects are at the service of institutions and companies for all types of B2B projects.

Our work processes

Preliminary visit

From the very beginning of your project, our design office is at your disposal to guide you in your lighting concept. From the number of light points to the standards to be respected, our photometry experts will guide you in order to best respect your wishes and needs. During their on-site visit, they will calculate the brightness required for ideal visibility, both indoors and outdoors.

Selection and/or manufacturing of light features

Everything is taken into consideration by our lighting design experts when selecting light features. By using our team, you are no longer limited to the choices offered by the usual wholesalers and you have the possibility of installing custom LED lighting in your office or shopping centre. We guarantee our factory products for up to 10 years.

Lighting design and profitability calculation

Our lighting experts can also carry out a lighting study if necessary. This specialized intervention will allow you, as a company manager or project manager, to answer specific questions, such as the number of lighting points required or the type of lighting and electrical power required for ideal brightness. During this step, our team also performs a profitability calculation: this allows you to determine the period of time required to make your investment profitable thanks to the energy savings made possible by the LED lighting.

Customer validation

Once the lighting study has been finalized, we present you the results of our work. If necessary, we can also show you the selected product(s), which allows you to have a global overview of your future situation.

Manufacture of lighting fixtures

Should you prefer unique lighting features? Our research and development teams put their technical skills and creativity at the service of your project, to offer you your original LED lighting.

Delivery & installation

If you don’t have the time or resources to install the selected lighting yourself! Our electrical partners can install your order for you to guarantee optimal results. They take care of everything - from connecting to the orientation of the individual light points - and you can enjoy an illuminated surface directly in an efficient and economical way.



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